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JRS86 builds durable brands

Hassle-free Automatic SSL Renewal (and a quick primer to crontab)

I wanted to automate the renewal of a couple SSLs for domains I manage, after having one not renew on time recently

Keep your domain secure

Useful people, projects, and tools

There's no way in hell I'd be anywhere near this level in my career, if it weren't for these inspirations

Learn from the better

Quotes to (maybe not) live by

A collection of quotes that, not always sound in advice or logic, have brought me insight and/or laughs

Limitless knowledge of bullshit

5 years offset: press room notes

A disorganized collection of tips, ideas, and unanswered questions from the production room

Inklings of info

(obligatory 'hello world' post)

I've finally finished my website; here's a look at everything that makes it tick

What took so long?