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(obligatory 'hello world' post)

I've finally finished my website; here's a look at everything that makes it tick

My name is Done

I'm not entirely sure how long this project has actually dragged out, but I've owned an unused personal license to Kirby CMS for about 5 years now. Before this current project even came about, I had originally built my site on AnchorCMS, 9 years back.

So, where has all the time gone?

Absolutely nowhere. Designing for yourself is difficult; usually, the project ends up in website purgatory for the next 10-15 years. It eventually gets finished. Maybe. This one did, kinda.

Making easier decisions

Overthinking the entire design to start with, I spent the majority of 2015 trying to teach myself Flexbox on the fly. I refactored CSS that was already being used elsewhere for other projects. I stripped, mangled, and re-purposed JS in every corner for objects I wasn't even using. I was designing a web framework for others to use, not myself.

Less is more

I've finally come to the realization that simple is better. I haven't coded anything I don't/won't need, I'm not concerned about the clarity of fields in the CMS panel, and I'm not worried about having a piece of variable data for every bit of info on this site.

Be faithful

Writing sucks. Especially opinions. My opinion sucks, and so does yours. I personally don't feel like writing about it, so I like to keep things short and sweet. Just like all my notes. This has also forced me to consider my writing 'language', or the style in which I write. Sentences should be less than 10 words. They should also include obscenities.