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JRS86 builds durable brands

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  • War Memorial Hospital
  • Hinkson Properties
  • BVD Taxidermy
  • R+S Renovations
  • D.Beacom & Sons Insurance
  • Continental Tires
  • Pullar Stadium
don't have to guess my name

I’m a graphic and production artist living in Arizona. Born in Michigan in ‘86. Learned to listen more than speak, but makes himself heard when he needs to.

An avid hockey fan, I also enjoy gaming, long road trips, Swiss typography and minimalist/structured artwork, spending time with my family, and engineering my own Lego creations. I’ve also recently taken up a hobby in learning 3D modelling as an extension of my personal hobbies, creative aspirations, and abilities.

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currently 85704, USA

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is just the nature of my game

I'm no expert at building websites; I look at it as more of a hobby, one that I'm terrible at. I did build this website, though. HTML5, CSS3, a sprinkle of JS, all piled on top of Kirby CMS. It's all being open-sourced on my Github page.